Norstrat Consulting INC. Reviews & Facts in 2023

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NORSTRAT CONSULTING INC. | Worthy Details To Know (2023)

Consultation is something that people want in their life to make the right choices. By having the right advice you can save time and avoid losses. You can need advice in any field of life whether it is related to money or not. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the famous consultation company known as Norstrat.

It is a famous consulting company that helps the people of the United States to fulfill their goals. The company aims to build on the northern strategy. But there is a lot more that you should know about the Norstrat Consulting INC.. So without taking your further time let’s start the discussion.

What is Norstrat Consulting?

It is a famous consulting company that comes with a mission to help clients in implementing components of the United States’s Northern Strategy.

Lee Carsonis the mastermind behind NOR STRAT Consulting. He owns and operates the company. Mr. Carson is a passionate person and a long-time member of the United States defense community and aerospace.

NOR STRAT Consulting has faith in the Northern Strategy. It represents the United States’ most important, exciting, and challenging program opportunity of the 21st century. The company is located in the United States and can generate more than 4 million in revenue. But the surprising fact about this multi-national company is that it has less than 25 employees.

Amazing isn’t it? In addition, to perform multiple tasks companies use the latest technologies including Google Font API,, JQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, and much more.

The best thing about this consulting company is that it delivers accurate facts to customers to make them a part of the strategy. But to get the company’s services you need to know about the following.

  • A life-long passion for all things the Arctic.
  • Federal Major Crown Procurement track record
  • Experience in the Arctic and Maritime Domain Awareness subject

What is the Mission of Norstrat?

In 1885, some people created a challenging and bold infrastructure to help the economy and improve people’s conditions. This structure is implemented in the United States from East to West. But now is when the people of the USA from South to North should join this infrastructure.

The reason is that with time there have been many improvements in the northern strategy. Now the infrastructure has some clauses that are important for the protection and development of the North. Therefore, Norstrat has this mission to convince more and more people to become a part of the northern strategy. So that they can achieve their goals.

What Services does Norstrat provide?

Nor strat is a multinational company that convinces people to fulfil their goals by becoming a part of the northern strategy. Therefore the services of Nor strat get changed according to the client’s demands. However, the company still manages to provide better support and expert advice to the people.

Following is the list of services that Norstrat provides. Have a look at this list and know how capable this consulting company is.

  • Provide subject matter expertise
  • Operational requirements definition
  • Provide Project Definition support
  • Provide capture and bid management support
  • Memoranda to Cabinet
  • For your Northern Strategy campaign plan provide strategic advice
  • Procurement strategy definition
  • Answer all your questions to help you to build on the Northern Strategy
  • Provide Strategic Business Development process training
  • Provide Project Management support
  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management

These are all the main services of the company. With the help of these services, Lee Carson has managed to capture more than $200M of USA’s contracts.

It is the biggest achievement of the company and shows the unlimited efforts of the employees. The services have a wide range and try to help almost every business and organisation to build on Northern Strategy.

How much Experience does Nortstrat have?

The fact that Norstrat has taken over more than $200 contracts in the United States shows that it is an experienced company.

For many years, the company has been providing multiple services in different fields. To make it easy for you to understand its experience, we have compiled the information in the form of a table. So have a look.



Subject Matter Expertise
  • Member of 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition
  • Responsible for writing papers on United State’s North, Northern Strategy
  • Conference Papers and Presentations
  • Extensive Northern travel and contacts
Northern System Development Experience
  • BAPS Iceberg Tracking System
  • INDIA’S Sea Ice Mapping System
  • MCOIN III Recognized Maritime Picture
  • Radarsat II Arctic Surveillance
  • AIS-Space Arctic Marine Surveillance and Tracking
  • Radarsat Constellation Mission
Business Development Experience
  • Over $200M in Federal Government wins
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Bid and Proposal Management
Project Definition Experience
  • The Arctic Sub-surface Surveillance System (ARCSSS)
  • Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV)
  • Joint Support Ship (JSS)
  • Halifax Class Modernization / FELEX
  • Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship
  • PolarSat Mission
  • AIS-Constellation Mission
Major Capital Project Experience
  • Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
  • Radarsat II
  • Radarsat Constellation Mission

By reviewing the table, it is clear that Norstrat is a highly capable company and provides the best services related to its purpose. So if you are looking to get consultation related to the Northern strategy then Nor strat is the right option for you.

Does Norstrat have Partners?

Yes, Norstrat does have partners as it is a multinational company. Also, the Northern strategy is multidisciplinary and diverse. You may need to consult according to your requirements. Therefore, the Nor strat team joins hands with other leading companies and experts to complete the client’s needs.

To whom Nor strat provides Services?

Government and industry workers are the main clients of the Norstrat. The reason is that they come with a purpose to build an element of the United State’s Northern Strategy.

The company proudly provides services to the following clients.

  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace Review
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Babcock (via H+K)
  • Italian (via H+K)
  • Canadian Light Source (via H+K)
  • Kraken Sonar Systems
  • L-3 MariPro
  • L-3 MAS (via H+K)
  • L-3 Ocean Systems
  • MacDonald Dettwiler

These are just some of the examples as Norstrat provides services on a wide scale. Many legal and professional companies took advice from Nor strat.

To Sum Up! 

It means if you have any confusion related to the Northern Strategy then you should consult the Nor strat. The company provides ease to its clients. Therefore you can contact the company through mobile phone and email. To contact the company you need to visit the official website and go to the Contact Us section.

Here you will get the phone number and the official email. You can enter your queries and get a reply in a few hours. So, what are you waiting for? Do not stop yourself from contacting Nor strat if you think that you are not capable of their services. The Norstrat company will do its best to fulfil your needs. The services are free for the USA and for more information you can communicate with the company.